Mold Testing

Videos of Mold in California

Are you unsure of what mold looks like or want to learn how to identify it if found in your home or building? View our videos to gain a better understanding of different kinds of mold and how they can affect your health.

Through these videos, you’ll be able to recognize the warning signs of mold growth and take the necessary actions to prevent further damage.

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Mold Growth in California – What You Need To Know

If you’re not familiar with it, mold is a type of fungus that loves damp places. It often appears in dark colors such as black, white, green and orange, and can release mycotoxins which can cause health problems. People who are most at risk from the effects of mold are children and the elderly, as well as people with impaired immune systems. To prevent mold growth or remove it when found, it is important to be aware of its presence. Common types of molds include Aspergillus (found in soil), Cladosporium (common indoors/outdoors), Penicillium (often found on food) and Stachybotrys aka ‘Black Mold’ (toxic and particularly likes damp bathrooms or basements).

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Thermal Imaging & Mold

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive technology that utilizes infrared cameras to detect and measure heat emissions from objects or surfaces. This process converts the detected heat into visible images, allowing inspectors to identify areas of concern. Its use in inspections is invaluable as it enables inspectors to spot issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Common usages of thermal imaging include building inspections, electrical inspections, HVAC inspections, plumbing inspections and even machinery and equipment evaluations. Thermal imaging can also be used in mold detection by identifying areas of high moisture which may indicate mold growth underneath walls or other areas inaccessible to direct observation.

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California Post Mold Remediation Clearance Testing

Post Mold Remediation Clearance Testing is a process to assess if a mold remediation project was successful in removing mold spores and improving indoor air quality levels. Involving the testing of both surfaces and air samples, it plays an important role in verifying that all the mold has been removed correctly and avoiding potential damage and health risks. This type of testing provides peace of mind to property owners and potential buyers that the property they are occupying or purchasing is safe from mold contamination.

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Mold Testing in California

Mold testing is an important procedure used to detect and evaluate the presence, extent, and type of mold in homes or businesses. By administering specific tests, it is possible to accurately assess the indoor environment for signs of mold growth and dangerous mycotoxins or allergens. This page offers insight into who should consider a mold test in California, why it’s essential, how to proceed with the testing itself, how to interpret the results, and how to select a reputable contractor for accurate results. Property owners can safeguard their investments and mitigate health risks associated with hazardous molds by promptly performing appropriate assessments for signs of growth.

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